nimisha, निमिषा نيميشا (rockershrimp) wrote,
nimisha, निमिषा نيميشا

brief rundown version

I love being back.
my room is huge.
my desk faces our four-paned windows and I can always hear birds singing.
my first breakfast here consisted of amazing banana chocolate-chip muffins.
I miss the seniors from last year.
we have a giant meadow behind our dorm to frolic and picnic on.
I pounced my sixty-something-year-old arabic professor with a hug today.
I found another south dakotan guy in my amherst class who goes to umass.
(it's a very small world.)
I got into all the classes I wanted.
this year is going to be stressful and painful and difficult but i'm excited for it.
my new body wash smells like lotuses. (lotii?)

the end!
Tags: college

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