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as I write this I am climbing atop my high horse. his name is rurik.

this article is what frustrates the heck out of me whenever I have to work or, really, walk around my town. it talks about how children are become sexual and sexualized way too early in their lives.

"Several recent books and news and research reports have expressed concern about today’s sexual attitudes and behavior of many adolescents, and increasingly even tweens (eight- to twelve-year-olds)."

I hate seeing girls who look like their nine wearing hollister and american eagle clothes, doused in perfume and wearing gobs of mascara and eyeliner, looking like baby prostitutes. when I was their age in the golden years, I wore huge t-shirts over skorts with my hair in a side ponytail and I didn't care what I looked like until about seventh or eighth grade. and even then I didn't start wearing makeup (and by makeup I mean mascara and maybe foundation if my skin was horrible that day) until eighth or ninth grade. it makes me want to vomit.

"Jennifer reported that one evening not long ago, her seven-year-old daughter Hannah began crying in the bathtub. Alarmed, Jennifer asked what was wrong. Hannah responded, “I’m fat! I’m fat! I want to be pretty like Isabelle — sexy like her! Then Judd would like me too!”"

say whaaat. I still thought boys had cooties at that age. i'm not even kidding. they were gross and I kicked them in gym class when the teacher wasn't looking. and then heath gemar tattled on me to my second grade teacher and I got a lecture about how I should not kick boys anymore. it was a sad day for me.
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