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this article, written by a "scriptwriter" in hollywood, complains all about how the film adaptation of brideshead revisited is horribly anti-catholic and full of.. brace yourselves.. GAYS.

Imagine if someone did a new adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird and it ended up savagely racist? That's what they've done here. A profoundly Catholic novel, in this "adaptation", Brideshead Revisited is viciously anti-Catholic. They turned a movie about God and the soul, into a lurid love triangle between a homosexual, his sister and a hapless hunk. It's lame. It's bad.

firstly, "Imagine if someone did a new adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird and it ended up savagely racist?" what. just... what. secondly, I just finished reading brideshead revisited and it is exactly that. a love triangle between a homosexual, his sister, and a "hapless hunk"; or rather, the maturation of charles ryder who befriends sebastian flyte, feels deeply about him, but because he can't have him he falls in love with his sister instead (who is basically just a female version of sebastian in his eyes). she obviously didn't even read the book. it's not "a movie about God and the soul". it's a book/movie about how a woman can completely ruin a family by manipulating people using religion (waugh is obviously very anti-catholicism.)

I have no personal beef with catholicism or christianity - it's not my religion, so it's not my place to say anything. as long as you believe in something - that's how I see it. but when religion skews observations so that the message behind literature isn't even fully grasped anymore is what is a little bit ridiculous. just because a book mentions religion does not make it a religious book.
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